Common Sense Pet Policy

La Mugletta loves animals and we understand that a pet is a real family member. Out of experience these simple guidelines for the  well-being of your pet and our other guests hsave been devised - these apply also in case you are the only guests in the house:

  • we accept well-behaved pets upon request
  • for hygiene reasons pets are not allowed in the breakfast area, laundry area or the steam bath
  • pets are not to be left unattended in the rooms for an extended period of time to avoid property damage; in case you are required to leave your pet unattended, see the property management and we will arrange an adequate space. If you require, we offer dog sitter or dog walking services at an additional charge
  • please clean up after your pet; a grey bin to deposit „doggy bags“ will be positioned close to the garage ramp (if not, ask us). See us if you need bags.
  • please make sure that your pet is under your control at all times. Your pet may move freely in the garden (as long as supervised by you), but be aware of our cats and hens as well as the wild life in the forest behind La Mugletta (fox, bore or badger
  • when you and your pet are in the salotto, please remember, this is not a dog's playground
  • when grooming your pet, please do this outside (on the terrace), in case of bad weather the area in front of the reception is protected from rain
  • if your room (or other parts of the property) require excessive cleaning, or if damages are incurred as a result of your pet's actions, La Mugletta may charge for additional services or repairs