a unique place in the heart of Veneto

La Mugletta – more than just a stay – a contemporary and sophisticated B&B in the Euganean Hills (also known as Venetian Hills) situated right at the edge of Monte Rosso’s forest, nestled in a quiet and natural setting, yet only 15 minutes from downtown Padua - one of the major cultural centers of the Veneto region.

La Mugletta is the ideal place to discover the Euganean Hills with its vast possibilities to entertain body and soul (walking, hiking, golfing, bicycling, horseback riding, dining, vine tasting), to explore the “Città d’Arte” of the Veneto (Venice, Padova, Vicenza and Verona - all in less than 1 hour driving distance), to enjoy some of the thermal treats of Abano Terme, or to simply indulge in La Mugletta’s peace and quietness, relaxing mind and soul while appreciating the fantastic panorama. As a matter of fact, that is why we made a concious decision NOT to install TV sets; of course, through the Internet you can keep in touch with the news and information of your country directly on your mobile device; upon request La Mugletta can make a tablet available.

a unique construction in the Colli Euganei


The focus of the architectural project for LA MUGLETTA was to create one unique space where nature and architecture interact without borders.


The inside is the outside, the outside is inside.


To underline this integration with the surrounding nature, La Mugletta’s construction combines natural materials with high-tech solutions, resulting in a building with low environmental impact, with a constant focus to eliminate any barriers between inside and outside. All components of this project have been made to order: from the architectual project to the furniture, the lighting as well as logo and brand.


FUNCTIONS: La Mugletta serves diverse purposes: hospitality, relaxation, interactive kitchen, wellness, cellar for wine tasting, pottery workshop. STRUCTURE: groundfloor in XLAM wood, insulated with wood fibers. Basement made of concrete cast with OSB panels, all insulated with foam glass. Roof and all outside walls covered with regional Larch. MATERIALS: all materials are used in their original essence: wood, cement, iron. SPECIAL SOLUTIONS: energetically the house is completely autonomous: cooling in the summer, heating in the winter as well as all hot water are generated through a geothermal heat exchange system with 2 probes at -150 m. Total recovery of rainwater. The lighting concept aims to enhance the internal as well as external areas. Employing different degrees of color temperature, the specific properties of the materials are enhanced as well as internal spaces separated according to their function.

At night the external lighting levels are low, never facing up, as required by the regulations against light pollution. The light sources are almost entirely by LED, thus the operating costs are low, without compromising visual comfort and the ambience which is very pleasant and relaxing at all times.


Alongside the architectural project a name and logo were developed as well.

The location’s suggestive atmosphere and natural ambience were mixed into one pleasant and highly recognizable sound: La Mugletta, a creative variation of the family name Mugler.


A gentle sound which underlines that La Mugletta is the result of a family project.


The sound is evocative and mysterious at the same time: with its similarity to “Mughetto” (lilly of the valley) it recalls nature, but it could also be the scent of a fragrance - "Acqua di Mugletta" or the name of a special recipe "Sauce Mugletta" or the way of doing something "à La Mugletta”.


Not only the name, but also the logo has a direct family link, using the initials of family members first names (U.-E.-S.-V.) sitting a-top the last name’s initial, in a refining and mixing process recomposed a unique hallmark, like a flower (again, the link to nature) set in an almost heraldic form (the family) and vaguely akin to a heart. Name and logo combined in form and sound express the warm and welcome feeling of this family dream. A feeling that is fully experienced once you live this “naturaarchitettura” (natural architecutre).