information about Covid 19 measures and actions for our guest

It is important for us to ensure that you receive proper information on how La Mugletta has prepared to handle the special situation due to the CoronaVirus.


Based on federal and regional recommendations and dispositions, La Mugletta has adapted its procedures and processes in regard to prevention, desinfection and information. We have produced a short document containing the main recommendations for our guests - please see the below pdf file. If you wish to receive the file in a language other than English, please let us know.



La Mugletta is located in an approximately 6,000 square meter park and, given that it has only 3 guestroons, its very spacious Salotto and the large panoramic terrace, offer plenty of space to ensure that prescribed and desired distances may be maintained at al moments. On request, La Mugletta provides masks, disposable gloves and disinfectant gel.
In our region, day-to-day life has largely gone back to its "normal" course, but with important changes: in addition to the clear rules on social distancing, there is also a general obligation to wear a mask in closed public places or in open spaces when minimum distance cannot be ensured and persons are required to have either disposable gloves or a disinfectant handy. In all shops and markets there are requirements to prevent possible infection and here too “social distancing”, mask and glove requirements apply.