the maker: Ulla Kinzler

The objects I create are not perfect, as perfection is practically impossible to achieve - in any aspect of life. My objects rather have a soul, they tell a story and transmit a message. 

Ulla Kinzler

Born in 1967, I currently live and work in Teolo, Italy. I am a self-taught ceramist with experiences in various technologies and approaches. 

Ceramic development

After beginning with RAKU (2005) and BOCKERO (2006) an extensive course taught by a good friend followed and was instrumental in fostering my interest to learn more and to experiment varied approaches and technologies in the ceramic field.

I studied under: 

  • Daniela Barone 
  • Maestro Giovanni Cimatti
  • Robert Cooper
  • Shozo Michikawa 
  • Owen Quinlan
  • Maestro Elia Ravenna
  • Roberto dal Sasso
  • Nico Toniolo
  • Kazuko Uga 


courses attended: 

  • eternally polished at ceramics & colours - Faenza
  • pottery labyrinth at ceramics & colours - Faenza
  • zoomorfiche forms at officine safi - Milano
  • artistic glazes at officina delle arte libere - Padova
  • a thousand ways to decorate at officina safi - Milano
  • twisted sculptures at argilà - Faenza
  • experimental objects at officina safi - Milano
  • surfaces, textures and narratives at la mugletta - Padova
  • artistic glazes at officina delle arte libere - Padova
  • straordinarie costruzioni giapponesi at faenza art ceramic center
  • corso tecnico di ceramica at la bottega del tornio 

A touch of La Mugletta for your and your friends‘ home. 


Here you will find functional and sculptural ceramic objects, inspired by the surrounding nature of our B&B. Whether MILLEFOGLIE from the "orto", from the fields or forest or EVERDAYS BEAUTIES, the opposing textures, like smooth vs rough, shiny vs opaque or glazed vs unglazed surfaces, add sensual dimensions to the objects and thus also to their content.  


All of these pieces are being designed and handcrafted in the "Officina" of B&B La Mugletta by the maker Ulla Mugler.


La Mugletta artistic ceramics - more than just pottery.


NB: if you have any doubts or questions about the articles displayed or wish to inquire on a made to order product, please contact us at or message Ulla at: +39-329-2170056 (call, sms, whatsapp). Please note also that the content of the store is still being completed - so check-in for updates. 


Of course, whenever you have the chance, I will be happy to show you my officina and introduce you to ceramics - call for an appointment! 


A short note about the check-out process and shipping ... we have estimated shipping costs to most of Europe and assume standard shipment. In case you select invoice or pre-payment as payment method, we can specifically calculate the shipping and packaging costs and upon request select express shipment.