A touch of La Mugletta for your and your friends‘ home. 


In our on-line store you may find functional and sculptural ceramic objects, inspired by the surrounding nature of our B&B. Often working with opposing textures, for example smooth vs rough, shiny vs opaque or glazed vs unglazed surfaces, these objects add additional sensorial dimensions to their content. 


All of these pieces are being created and handcrafted in the officina of B&B La Mugletta by the maker Ulla Mugler.


La Mugletta artistic ceramics - more than just pottery.


NB: if you have any doubts or questions about the articles displayed or wish to inquire on a made to order product, please contact us at lamugletta@gmail.com or message Ulla at: +39-329-2170056 (call, sms, whatsapp). Please note also that the content of the store is still being completed - so check-in for updates. 


Of course, whenever you have the chance, I will be happy to show you my officina and introduce you to ceramics - call for an appoimtment! 


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Glück auf Erden (cavallo/horse)

of course you don't have to buy the entire herd, however, be informed that horses, being herd animals, do not like to be alone!


cavallo/Pferd/horse - diversi tipi di argilla e dimensioni/verschiedene Tonarten und Größen/different types of clay and dimensions



28,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1

Hohlkopf (testa d'aria / air head)

air heads every where and always availabe - fill and feed them if you want  ...  


Prego identificare la testa d'aria tramite i numeri presenti sulle foto. Bitte die Nummer des Hohlkopfes, den Sie bestellen wollen gemäß der Bilder aussuchen. Check the individual pictures to identify the number of the air head you are ordering.


Testa; esterno grezzo, interno con smalto: Gres, cotto a 1'240°C incirca. Peso incirca 2 kg

Kopf; aussen unbehandelt, innen lasiert. Steingut gebrannt bei ca. 1'240°C. Gewicht ca. 2 kg

Head; outside raw, inside glazed. Stoneware, fired at about 2'265°F. Weight about 2 kg (4,4 lbs)

110,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1



Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'240°C / 2'265°F


picc/klein/s: ⌀ 9 cm; ↑ 5 cm

med/mittel/m: ⌀ 11-12 cm; ↑ 5-6 cm

grande/gross/l: ⌀ 13-14 cm; ↑ 6-7 cm

32,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1

Unser täglich Brot - Our daily bread

Cestino/Brotkorb/bread basket

gres/Steingut/stoneware ca. 1'240°C / 2'265°F


ovale o tondo - oval oder rund - oval or round. 

oval: 24 x 10 cm

round: 18 cm

50,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1

Prima Colazione

Ciotole/Frühstücksschüssel/breakfast bowl

Gres/Steingut/stoneware - ca. 1'240°C/2'265°F

⌀ 15 cm; ↑ 4 cm

26,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1

Oh Happy Day


Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'220°C/2'240°F


piccolo/klein/small: ⌀ 10-12 cm, flach/flat

grande/groß/large: ⌀ 19 cm, ↑ 0,8 cm

15,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1


Ciotolina/Schälchen/small bowl - smalto oro/lasiert mit goldener Farbe/glazed with gold color

Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'220°C/2'240°F

Versione1/Typ1: ⌀ 8 cm; ↑ 6

Versione2/Typ2: ⌀ 10 cm; ↑ 5

20,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 2-5 days1

OO - origami oro

Ciotola/Schüssel/bowl; smalto oro interno & esterno/innen & aussen mit goldener Farbe lasiert/golden glaze inside and outside

Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'220°C/2'240°F

⌀ 18 cm; ↑ 8 cm

55,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1


Ciotolina/Schüsselchen/small bowl

Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'220°C/2'240°F

⌀ 9 cm; ↑ 2 cm

17,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1


Ciotola/Schüssel/bowl - ovale

Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'240°C/2'265°F

⌀ 10 x 12 cm; ↑ 4 cm

29,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1


Ciotola/Schüssel/bowl - argilla grigia/grauer Ton/grey clay

Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'240°C/2'265°F

⌀ 11,5 cm; ↑ 4 cm

25,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1


not only for vegetarians, on these plates the veggies are the stars. 


Piatto/Teller/plate; smalto verde con impronte del orto/grün lasiert mit Abdrücken aus dem Gemüsegarten (orto)/green glaze with imprints from the vegetable garden (orto)

Gres/Steingut/stoneware; ca. 1'240°C/2'265°F

su ordinazione - auf Bestellung - made to order


piccolo/klein/small: ⌀ 18 cm

grande/groß/large: ⌀ 24 cm

35,00 €

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  • Ships within 2-5 days1

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